Friday, August 2, 2013

What I See

I think I may have said in a previous post that I use Facebook as a big part of my PLN.   One of the groups that I follow is the Centurions of 2011: 111 Books by January, 2012.  I know - it's out of date - but it works and they just kept going.  

Anyway, tonight I saw a post that led me to stop by Mrs. McGriff's blog and her July list.  This was her FB post: "
Didn't read the quantity I hoped for in July, but the quality was outstanding!
When I clicked the link, Mrs. McGriff had read 24 books!!  That's quantity in my book!  I'm going to be vigilant and see how many she reads in August...

But what I really wanted to share was this poem that is on Mrs. McGriff's About Me page.  I love this idea, and maybe I would use it as a model for my students to follow in my classroom if I was teaching ELA.

What I See

I see a room
where students overflow with words,
where books are passed from mind to mind
and writing spills across every page.

I see students
who devour book–
poetry and stories,
biographies and memoirs,
how-to guides adn graphic novels,
magazines and websites–
who read during every spare moment.

I see students
eager to take about what they read:
to questions and challenge deeper truths,
to connect with the spaces in their lives.
They invite their friends and family
to read and talk, to celebrate books
at Survivor Book Club.

I see students
who discover that writing has meaning for their lives,
who discover that words have power to challenge injustices
and change their lives.

I see students
who share their writing–
entering contests,
submitting works to magazines and websites,
giving gifts of writing,
plastering the school with their words–
who are not afraid to be heard.

I see a community
where we are free
to share our words,
to think new thoughts,
to try and fail, then try again.

I see colleagues
who value time together–
to share ideas and build on successes,
to share problems and brainstorm solutions,
to read and research together–
who continually seek to stretch beyond
and make ourselves better.

I see my life
where reading, writing, teaching
come together
to point the way.

Lovely, right?  Would you use this model in your ELA classroom?  Maybe this would be a great back to school activity - set the stage for a great year!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Currently in August

Can it be August already??  This summer has absolutely FLOWN by!  I start new teacher in-service next Wednesday with three days of workshops and lectures followed the next week by pre-service for all the teachers and home visits.  So, essentially, my summer is basically over.  CRAZY!

Here's my currently:

It's a big news day here in Cleveland!  That horrible man who kept the three girls as prisoners for more than a decade was sentenced to life + 1000 years!  (Yes, I know his name, but I refuse to give him that much respect!)

I went to school today for  an optional meeting and stayed and worked in my room for a while.  My room was used for summer school until yesterday, and it was filthy.  Today I just cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned!  Next week I'll go in on Monday and Tuesday to put my own touch on the decor.  And get some of the stuff out of my garage!

Wow!  I only worked for about 4 hours in my room and I. am. whipped!  It's amazing how quickly I lose my stamina for long days of work during the lazy days of summer.  

After I lost my job at the end of last year, I made a conscious effort to keep in touch with my teacher friends.  We have gone on a lot of great excursions - movies, lunches, plays, museums.  Before we all start at different schools, I'm really hoping to organize one more lunch.  I love those ladies!

What I truly need?  A summer rewind.  It's been the best and worst and quickest summer of my life.  I'd like to go back and do it again without the stress of looking for a new job!  The stress made me feel icky and it made the summer go WAY TOO FAST!

My Back to School must haves are easy!  And coincidentally, they all start with P - and so does Purple!  Dorky cool!

#1: Post-its.  They make me happy.  I use them for absolutely everything.  'Nuff said.

#2:  I live for these pencils.  They aren't easy to find in the stores, so when I find them I usually buy two or three packs.   Wonder what makes them the best?  It's the erasers!  And the refillable-ness of both the lead and the erasers.  Hmm... maybe I should stop buying 'em and just buy the refills?  Duh.

#3: Seriously.  I just bought this thing last summer, and I have no idea how I lived without it for my whole life!  The laminate is so, so much better than that flimsy stuff they have at school!!  My sister bought mine for me.  And Amazon sells the pages for super cheap. 

Your turn.  Go link up with Farley and join the Currently Craze!