Monday, September 1, 2014

The {best} Currently of all!

So I haven't been a great blogger - despite my best intentions.
My excuse: the first two weeks of school have me whipped.
I have no energy after school.

I'll get used to it soon.
I hope.

Anyway, since it's Labor Day,
and since I have the day off,
and since it's my BIRTHDAY month (!),
I definitely couldn't let the Currently pass me by!

About those trips:
I am not a lover of traveling.
When I travel, I want plenty of time to relax
read a book
drink fancy coffees and fancier cocktails
laze by a pool
or a lake
or any water, really.

But I have always wanted to see the Library of Congress -
I mean, really?  a whole building filled with my favorite things??
I'm in!

in a cabin or a lodge
with a fireplace
and books
and coffee
or maybe... in a camper
with air conditioning
and books
and coffee

the mix of old and new
the food
the people
Need I say more?

Your turn:
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I have to go write those lesson plans now....
Guess they are not going to write themselves...
I've been waiting all weekend for those suckers to get busy...