Monday, May 28, 2012

Hollywood Nobody

Hollywood Nobody
Lisa Samson
August 2007

Fifteen-year-old Scotty Dawn has spent most of her life traveling from movie set to movie set with her food stylist mother, Charley.  Growing up independently has made Scotty a resourceful, inquisitive and introspective young woman.  She even documents her life on her blog, "Hollywood Nobody."  Scotty is determined to find her place in the world - even if it means uncovering long buried secrets.  But finding her way in the world isn't easy with a mother who seems to be keeping secrets and friendships that last only as long as the latest filming schedule. 

HOLLYWOOD NOBODY is the first in a series about life on the road, finding yourself, and discovering the flaws that make up everyone.  I love, love, loved this book!  Its intended audience is teens, which I haven't been for {really} long time, but I can't wait to read the rest of the series.  It's written as a diary with Scotty's blog posts thrown in.  I love Scotty's quirky style and her realistic view of Hollywood ups and downs.  Her blog is a fun but in no way snarky look at Hollywood stars, both real and fictionalized stars.  Highly recommend!


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i'm glad I discovered your blog. I love books. I teach 1st but recently finished my Master's in Library Science. I hope to one day be a school librarian. Stop by for a visit when you get a minute1
:) Dana
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