Friday, August 1, 2014

Currently {and a Favor!}

I've been waiting for this for, like, weeks!  I want to get back into blogging on a regular basis.  I'm planning on working it into my weekly schedule - I've had a blog planning sheet for years (you can get it here); this year I'm really going to use it.

The problem in the past was I hid the planning sheet from myself by putting it in the back of my plan book.  This year, it gets its own clipboard on the wall next to my desk.  That way I'll be sure to see it.  And use it!

Anyway, here it is: the first in what I hope will be a more active blog...

There it is!
the first in what will be many more to come!
Like that positive thinking?  I'm turning over a new leaf!

While your here - I have a favor to ask:
See the top left corner of my blog design?
There's supposed to be a really cute bird house looking thing up there.
Only when I log on, I don't see it all the time.
Can you see it?
Let me know in the comments, please...
Not sure what's goin' on up there...


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Terri said...

Yup, super cute bird house!!!!!! I LOVE Big Bang Theory. It is our family show.
Terri's Teaching Treasures

Sandy said...

Oh girl I was thinking the same thing... where in the world did summer go to? Enjoy your last few days and have a fabulous year!

Erin said...

I'm obsessed with my document camera! It would definitely be worth writing a grant for!!! Have fun during your last summer weekend!
Short and Sassy Teacher

Bec Perry said...

Hi Lynn, I can only see your blog name there's no picture. Weird- hope you get it figured out! I'm a huge Big Band fan too, my hubs can't stand it but I always win the tv war :) Good luck getting everything done for when you go back!
Books, Bugs and Boxes

Bec Perry said...

Double weird Lynn now I see your bird house (even though I'd already refreshed the page a few times)! It's so cute! :)
Books, Bugs and Boxes

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