Monday, January 16, 2012


Gary Paulsen
May 2009

Mudshark is cool.  He doesn't mean to be cool; he just is.  Lightning quick reflexes and a photographic memory have made Mudshark a legend in his own time.   His fellow students know he is the go to guy for missing items - Mudshark always knows where they are!  When the school's supply of erasers start to go missing, the principal is desperate and, naturally, turns to Mudshark for help with this school wide mystery.  With help from his friends and a strange new addition to the school library, Mudshark works diligently to put things to right again. 

Laugh out loud funny, Mudshark should be on everyone's must read list!  Slightly too hard for most of my fifth graders to read alone, I read it aloud and they love, love, loved it!  The language is perfect for a read aloud - lots of sarcasm that would be lost on most children if they didn't hear it out loud.  I have taught this book as a small group novel, but it really worked better as a read aloud.

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