Sunday, January 13, 2013

Classroom Management Secrets

What a busy, busy week in room 102!  Our first week back after Christmas break was packed full.  I have to admit I was worried that it would be the longest week in the history of school after not being there for two full weeks.  But the week flew by!  I love weeks like that; when Friday comes and I hate to see the momentum of the week end.  Does that ever happen to you!?  Definitely a week for my new Year of Blessings Jar (a la Pinterest, of course!).

I wanted to share one of my secrets to great classroom management.  It isn't fancy, and many of you probably already know about it:  Smart Classroom Management.  Each week I get an email with helpful hints, practical advice and real-life solutions to classroom issues.  I save every email, and whenever things are going badly in my classroom, I take the time to reread the applicable emails.  Turns out, it's almost always my fault that things are going wrong!  Let me explain:

Do you ever watch Supernanny or Dr. Phil?  If you do, you know it's usually the parents' fault that their kids are so out of control, right?  Well, just like parenting, how you communicate with your students affects the atmosphere in your classroom.  I guess we all know that already, but I find it very helpful to have a reminder when I need it.

If you are not already receiving these weekly reminders of what great teaching looks like, sounds like and feels like, sign up here.  I'd love to hear about your classroom management tips!


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