Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Currently

Linking up!

...and even thought it's not even July yet, I'm still 257th on the list!  (While I've been typing this up, six more people linked up!)  This is the craziest, coolest linky on the block!! 

This week is going to be another great one.  I am looking forward to a day with my friends from school - bring on The Heat and dinner, followed by baseball with my P.E.O. friends. 

And it gets better: Friday my beloved niece turns 7!  Holey moley - how did that happen!?   I can't wait till her party on Saturday.  My sister is queen of overboard - this year, we are having two distinct parties on the same day - one for my niece and one for my brother in law (whose b-day is Saturday).  I'm in charge of changing out the decorations while everyone is busy in the backyard. 

Happy 4th, everyone!

btw - do you like my new signature?


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