Monday, July 25, 2011

Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day Every Day
Lisa Bullard
September 2011

"My name's Trina.  I'm an Earthling."  Trina explores and explains what it is to be a good Earthling.  She gets her family and friends and even her neighbors involved in cleaning up the Earth.  She has tons of good advice and follows through with her ideas while encouraging the reader to join in.

Lisa Bullard has created a character that is both passionate and absolutely adorable in EARTH DAY EVERY DAY.  The illustrations by Xiao Xin are super cute and add to the flavor of the story.  Full of lots of attitude and great suggestions, this book would be a perfect addition to any bookshelf.   At the end of the book are an activity, a glossary of new terms, and a list of further resources.  Teachers could easily introduce this story as a springboard for Earth Day or a unit on conservation and recycling.  Because this book is formatted like a non-fiction book, it also lends itself to discussion about using parts of a book, too.  All in all, a great short story that any kid could relate to - and get ideas from!


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