Monday, July 25, 2011

Fall Mixed Up

Fall Mixed Up
Bob Raccka
Chad Cameron (illustrator)
September 2011

"Every Septober, every Octember..." starts a fun romp through my favorite season.  Everything is mixed up, but the narrator doesn't seem to notice.  It was engaging and I couldn't wait to see what would be mixed up next.  The illustrations were fabulous and added another layer of silliness to the story. 

At my school the 5th graders participate in a year long Nature Scopes program, and this book fits perfectly into the introduction of the Fall section of their journal.  In younger grades, teachers could use this book as a discussion about the changes fall brings; perhaps illustrating a 'mixed up' change as well as a 'true' change and writing paragraphs or captions for their drawings.

I loved this book and will be adding it to my collection as soon as it becomes available!


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