Sunday, July 17, 2011

Odd Velvet

Odd Velvet
Mary Whitcomb
Tara Calahan King (Illustrator)
August, 1998

Velvet is odd. Instead of bringing a doll for show and tell, Velvet brings a milkweed pod. She has only eight crayons. She brings her lunch from home in a brown bag. The other children don't know what to make of her, so they ignore her. But slowly, Velvet wins her classmates over, and they all become great friends.

ODD VELVET is a great story that is not to be missed. Sweet little Velvet doesn't seem to know she's 'odd' and I loved her strength of character. Wouldn't it be great if we were all a bit more sure of ourselves? Teaching themes of acceptance and staying true to yourself, Mary Whitcomb's lovely story lends itself easily to great lesson plans. The illustrations are beautiful and enhance the story with grace and simplicity.


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