Friday, August 17, 2012

A Bus Called Heaven

I just read the most amazing story.  A BUS CALLED HEAVEN by Bob Graham (2012) is a charming picture book about a community that is forever and completely changed when a bus is abandoned on the side of the road.  Where many see an old decaying and falling apart bus, a young girl sees beauty and promise!  With her encouragement, the bus is turned into a recreation center/meeting place.  Eventually the entire neighborhood is vested in the bus.  When their bus comes under attack, the people come together to save their beloved community center!

As we start a new year and work on creating a community within our classrooms and our schools, this book would be ideal for discussions.  What makes a community?  Were the people a true community before the bus?  How did they change with the introduction of the bus?  Are we a community or just a classroom full of people? 

Let me know if you check this book out and how you use it in your room!

P.S. ~ My room is DONE (yay!) and ready for Open House on Sunday!  But I forgot my camera at home today, so pictures will be coming soon!  It's GOOD!


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