Saturday, August 18, 2012

Welcome to Room 102!

I'm ready for Open House tomorrow!  Can't wait.  There are some little things left to do, but my room looks great and no one else will know what's missing.

See the chair pockets?  When I went to Home Depot to buy them, I mentioned that they were for school, and Beekeeper Bill got permission from the higher-ups to donate them!  Although I am super grateful to Home Depot, I covered the logos with duct tape to match my theme colors!

Word Wall.  Don't call it an alphabet!  :)
My math board is a mix of CFC and Laura Candler's math stations.  Love how this turned out!
Bucket Fillers
My library area.  Love this, too!  Please ignore the chart paper laying in the middle of the floor!  I still need to drill holes in my new easel (thanks Dad!) to hang it from.
A little closer of the seating area.  The two square pillows I made from school t-shirts.
My books are sorted by genre.  I don't worry about levels; as long as they're reading!
Close up of my genre baskets.  The labels are courtesy of CFC!

The view from my desk.

My objective board.  Easy to update; dry erase.
I even changed out my toolbox to match my new theme.  Sorry for such a blurry picture. I swear it looked fine on the camera!
Locker Magnets.  Lockers are a HUGE deal to 5th graders because it's their first year to have lockers!

Close up of locker magnet.  I wrote the names on the magnets using dry erase marker, so I can use them year after year.

I'm linking up!  You should, too!  This is one of the best times of the year, and I love looking at everyone's spaces!


Terry Teacher said...

Love the locker magnets; I found some 3 for a dollar at the Dollar Tree, if anyone's interested. Also, what if used some space in your newsletter or something to give a shout out to Home Depot. That was super sweet of them to donate.

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