Friday, August 10, 2012

Wonder of the Day!

I'm linking up with Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B for one final Fabulous Find Friday.  This week I found the most amazing website:  Wonderopolis!  This website if chock full of 2-3 minute videos perfect for enticing students.  There are over 650 videos on every topic from art to science to fairy tales to insects!

I am excited to use Wonderopolis in a couple of different ways this year.  I think videos like this:

will be great for hooking kids as we start a new unit.

Videos like this one:

are great writing or dicussion starters!  

Bonus:  Under each video is a few questions, "Have you ever wondered?"  Then there is a short article that gives some more information followed by "Wonder words to know and use."  Last there are usually links for more information.

I love this site and see all kinds of applications in the classroom.  Check it out and share your ideas!


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