Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Me - by the numbers!

I was searching for a great get-to-know-all-my-new-kids-that's-mathy game on the internet and came across this super cute linky from 2011.   Y'all know I love a linky, and even though I can't link up, I'm totally stealing borrowing the idea to use with my classes.

So.. Amanda wrote out things about herself that went from 1-10.  I've done the same thing, but I think this might be super hard for kids to do... so for their projects, I'm just going to let them use any 10 numbers (or less, if 10 is taking too long).

Anyway.. here's me - by the numbers.

I have one sister.  We didn't always get along as we were growing up, but as adults, we are pretty close.  We spend a lot of time together going to musicals -- both professional and community theater!
My ONE sister is the mom of my TWO nieces!  They are my favorite people in the world.  I love, love, love being an aunt.  I do whatever I want with them (i.e. - get them all sugared up, or let them buy whatever they want at Toys'R Us) and then take them home, kiss them goodbye and leave!!

I have had exactly three cell phones in my life.  The first was way back in 1998:
Don't laugh.  At the time it was super cool because you didn't have to pull out the antenna.  State of the art, I tell ya!

Phone #2 was the opposite.  My students always commented that it was 'soo cute!' or 'soo tiny!'
This one was cool because it had games!!  Does anyone else remember SNAKE or MANCALA?  I loved this phone, but I couldn't send or receive text messages, so eventually I had to change.  But I still miss it!

My current phone is not much better that my last one:
I kinda don't love this one.  Sure I can text, but I have to use the number pad to do it.  It's easy to use, but it can't do all the cool things my friends' iPhones can do!  But when you talk to me, I will never mute you like my friends often do!  So it has pluses and minuses!

Someday I'll get a new phone - maybe even I iPhone.  I would like to crush candy on the go...

I have four knitting projects in the works. I may never finish any of them!

Fifth grade was the year I first got glasses.  I remember the day I got them comparing everything on the way home the way I'd always seen them with how they looked corrected!  It was amazing!  I especially remember the McDonald's sign, for some reason!

I have six months left on my current lease, and I'm getting too close for comfort on the miles.  I will be looking to replace this car early in about October so I don't go over the miles!  It's a good little car, but getting a new car is always exciting!

Thank God - again - for a new job and a pay raise!  I can actually afford to get something a little more my style this time around!

Even though it seemed like a LOT longer, I was only unemployed for about seven weeks this summer!  The stress of not knowing what I was going to do was unbelievable, but I tried to stay positive and keep the faith...  It worked!  I'm so excited to start my new job!


I am currently reading eight (!) books.  I never leave the house without a book in tow; I am also listening to a book in my car (not one of the eight).  Wanna know what they are?

I have visited nine states.  That's not very many really, and I certainly didn't visit them all this summer.  But throughout my life I've been to:  Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maine, North Carolina, Illinois, Tennessee, South Dakota, Indiana, and Washington.  I've driven through other states on the way, but unless I visited someone there or the state was my destination, it doesn't count, in my opinion.

Ten year olds are my favorite.  They are the best age to teach - they are clever-funny and smart, but they're still kids enough that they want to please.  Give me a bunch of ten year olds any day, and I'm a happy camper! 
These are not my kids; I took this, and all, the pictures from Google.

There you have it.  It's not easy to come up with this list.  FIVE especially was tough. 

Try it!  If you do, leave me a link in the comments; I'd love to see your 10!


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