Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top 6 Linky

For the past two weeks, I've done nothing but obsess about my new room.  I cannot wait to get in there later this week and make it my own.

So in the spirit of wishful thinking, I'm linking up with Courtney @Swimming Into Second for her weekly top ten.  But I can only think of 6 things to put on my list!  And three of them I already have!  Yep - I'm pretty blessed!

The first thing I want in my dream classroom is an iPad for every child.  I started using the iPads at my old school only towards the end of the year, but I wish I had done more.  The possibilities are endless and kids love them!

BTW, my favorite app for the classroom is Socrative.  Students can enter answers to the questions, and I get an email that I can print out and use for assessment.  Love that!

 Next, I would love to have these stools.  Do you know about these yet?  They are so cool; they wobble just enough.  Kids who can't sit still get to move - while they're sitting! 

Third up would have to be lovely window coverings! The windows in my new room are old and ugly and the shades are not much better. Not to mention, one of them is missing (??). I am not a seamstress, nor do I plan to become one, so I'm not sure how to make this happen yet. But when I was classroom shopping the other day, I contemplated shower curtain panels. Not plastic ones, but pretty fabric ones! They are larger than window panels and come in great patterns that might be fun for a large classroom. Has anyone tried this? Do you have other great ideas for covering my ugly windows?

The last three things I need in my dream classroom, I already have!!! I cannot imagine living without them, though so I'm including both of them in my dream classroom layout!

Some sort of interactive white board.  I don't care if it's Promethean or SMART but I need a board that I can teach from.  I absolutely cannot go back to chalk!!  :)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener!  This thing is the best!  I got my to review last summer, and my kids used it all year long!  It is the best evah!

And finally - carpet!  If you have it, you know what I mean.  If you don't have carpet, you probably are like, what's the big deal?  Well, let me tell you.
1) It's quiet.  There is no chair noise or stomping feet noise.

2) It's comfortable.  Kids can sit on the floor and I don't have to have to have carpet squares or an extra rug (which, when I had, I always tripped over the edges, or somebody would pick at the edges and ruin the binding).

3)  And it's homey.  I love the idea of making our classrooms more homey and comfortable.  Carpet goes a long way to creating that atmosphere!

There you have it!  My list.  Go link up; I can't wait to find out what other things I should be coveting for my room!


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