Sunday, July 28, 2013

My {New} Room - Before

So I actually taught a lesson in what would turn out to be my room on the day I interviewed.  When I went back to sign paperwork, I was anxious to take a look around again and snap a few pictures. 

It didn't look at all like I remembered!  I guess I was so nervous, I didn't really remember much!

The scene from the door.  First thing that needs fixed is that flag!!  Why is it backwards??  Also, why is there no shade on one of the windows?  Hmmm...  Can you see the AC unit in the back window?  It's one of two; almost unheard of where I come from!

The reason there are decorations up:  The teacher who I am replacing is still teaching summer school in there until Wednesday.  Because she's been in there all summer, she's been taking her stuff a little at a time.  Totally get it; I would have done the same!

Display space!  I can't wait to spruce it up.   I am thrilled that I have 4 student computers for centers, research, etc!

Storage!!!  I have never had this much storage space!  I'm sure I can fill it without trying very hard!  And more display space...
Teacher area.  In my old building, we had Promethean boards; I am looking forward to learning how to use the SmartBoard!  I have to say... this is the smallest teacher desk I have ever seen!

That's it - the before!  I cannot wait to get in there and fix it all up pretty! 

I don't have much time; teacher meetings start on August 7!


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