Friday, July 13, 2012

Fabulous Find Friday - Symbaloo

This week I am linking up with Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B for week three of her fun, fun, fun linky!

Do you Symbaloo?  This cool {and free!} site lets you keep all of your favorite links in one place and access them from anywhere.  At first I was all like, Isn't that what Delicious is?  Do I really need a new place to keep the same links?  Answer: Kinda and Heck, yeah!  There are videos on Youtube that show you the ropes, but quite frankly, it just ain't that hard.  

Here's a screen shot of a page
(Webmix) that was already made .  I just clicked and added it to my Symbaloo page. 

See the tabs across the top? This screen shot is from the first tab: 3-5 sites.  Because this Webmix was already made, it is not editable.  But the others are Webmixes I made, and they are endlessly alterable.  (Is that a word?)  

Now for the best part: I made a webmix of the Language Arts links I already had on my classroom site, and then I embedded it into the site!!  It's so cool! Check it out here.  Or click the picture below. There's not much on it yet, but like I said, I can add new links whenever I want.  And when I change the webmix on my Symbaloo site, it instantly updates on my TeacherWeb site.

I really like that there is no Google search button in the embedded code.  So if I send a student to work on that page of the classroom site, they won't be tempted to google the White House or something.  

Symbaloo is great for visual learners like me.  Each little square's symbol is either the site's own icon or a picture that I choose.   Don't you just love Web2.0 tools?  I can't wait to see what others have found this week!


April Walker said...
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April Walker said...

This sounds like a great resource!
The Idea Backpack

Elizabeth said...

Ok- that is WAY cool! Thanks for linking up. I'm a new follower, too. Your blog is precious!

Camille said...

Your timing is PERFECT! I have been using (AND LOVING) iGoogle for forever as my main page. Then iGoogle told me that there would be no more iGoogle in a year. (Lots of Google forever; just not iGoogle.) I heard that Symbaloo would be a good replacement. So nice to hear from someone that actually uses it. Thank you!!
An Open Door

Layla Wiedrick Henry said...

Thanks for the idea! I am your newest follower! I am excited to see more of what you have to share

Fancy Free in Fourth

Amanda Madden said...

Just found you through the blog hop and am your newest follower. Cute blog!

Teaching Maddeness

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