Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Storm Runners

Storm Runners
Roland Smith
March 2011

Last week I read this post by Jordon over at Life is Better Messy (one of my favorites), and I promptly added it to my TBR list.  Well, yesterday, I went to the library and there it was!  Like it was just waiting for me!  Then I was stuck in there while a storm raged outside (Yay for rain!), so I sat and read the whole thing.  That's right - the entire book in one sitting.  OK it's only 160 pages long, but really,  I couldn't stop! (OK, I know that's a lot of !!s, but really, that's how it really sounds in my head!)

Here's what I didn't know: 
1. You MUST check out all three books in the series at the same time!  Trust me you will want to keep reading; this is more like a serial novel (a la Dickens) than a series. 
2 (and way worse). The library DIDN'T HAVE THE SECOND ONE!  Of course, I didn't know I needed it before I started...

Anyway...  Storm Runners is excellent!  I had seen it in the book orders this year and suggested it to the boys especially.  I knew it would be good because I've read Jaguar by the same author and loved it.  But let me tell you, this is even better!  

Summary from Barnes & Noble: "Chase Masters and his father are "storm runners," racing across the country in pursuit of hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Anywhere bad weather strikes, they are not far behind. Chase is learning more on the road than he ever would just sitting in a classroom. But when the hurricane of the century hits, he will be tested in ways he never could have imagined."

I cannot wait to read this to my class; I know they will get hooked just like I did.  I have a policy to never read a sequel, but I may have to in this case.  On the other hand, it's a good policy - I don't know yet.

Thanks, Jordon, for the great recommendation! 


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mjfavre said...

I love summertime! It's the perfect time to get lost in a book with no consequences. (Except maybe dinner doesn't get fixed!) Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a new follower.

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Hooty said...

I'm all about books and kiddie books are my favorite genre. I'm going to put this one on my list.

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