Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Math Book Blog Hop

Boy, I wish I was more creative with my post titles!

Anyway.  I am joining in on this really cool blog hop started by Donna over at the Math Coach's Corner.  Two of my favorite things: reading and teaching math; how could I resist?

Here's my favorite math book {series} to share (well, favorite after Math Curse, which I already blogged about here and didn't want to be redundant):

Have you met Sir Cumference and his wife, the Lady Di of Ameter?  They have a young son named Radius who's exactly half the height of his mother. This is a very clever series of books!  There are about eight books in the series now, but these are the first three and my favorites.  Bonus: they do double duty in our annual fairy tale unit.  My favorite to share with my 5th graders is The Great Knight of Angleland.  In this book, Radius goes on a quest using his knowledge of the Mountains of Obtuse and 'a cute' little village.

Check out this great series, and then hop into the hop!


Donna Boucher said...

I love the Sir Cumference books, too!


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