Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's a Lottery!

Recently, I posted about making my lottery tickets for Monday-Made-It.  One of the commenters was curious how my students can earn a ticket and what is on them, and I thought I would share it with everyone!

In a frenzy of creation, I made tons of  business cards on Vistaprint a few years ago, then realized I had no plan to get them into the kids hands!  Last summer, when lottery tickets were the rage, I knew right away they were the perfect solution!

 Each day students who break one of the classroom rules get "warnings."  One warning is just a reminder to get back on task.  Two warnings equals loss of half of recess.  Three warnings: no recess.   And so on...

Each Monday, each student with no warnings the previous week is entered into a drawing.  To keep it quick and simple, I use raffle tickets like these.

The student who wins gets the candy bar of his choice.  (This is the only candy/food reward in my room.)  Then a student suggested that the students who do not win the weekly drawing be able to keep their tickets and after so many, get a special prize.  What a great idea!   So now, students who have earned (and kept track of) 5 tickets get a lottery ticket.

The rules are this:
  • If I find a ticket on the floor after school, I toss it.  
  • If someone finds a ticket with no name on the back, it goes in the trash.  
  • You may not share or pool your tickets.

Since they are harder to earn than anything else in the room, the lottery tickets have really great prizes on them.
And, since I am super sneaky, out of the 50 or so cards I made this summer, only two of them were homework passes.

One note: Monitor the kids when they scratch these or you will have silver stuff everywhere.  And if you have carpet like I do, you will never get it off the carpet if they aren't careful!

I hope this is helpful!

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